Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update from Lake's Mom

Lake Lovorn update from Lake's Mom, Sandy : UPDATE: All IV's and the catheter have been removed. Haven't seen the major wound yet, but all minor wounds were dressed and look great. No signs of infection. Off of the morphine...Will see surgeon this morning to remove drain tube in major wound. Then, hopefully discharge tomorrow!Please PRAY FOR EMOTIONAL STATE OF LAKE, MADALINE, and GABE. We need Jesus come into this memory and remove all fear!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lake Lovorn Update

Lake is being moved out of ICU now. The doctor did a test on his hand and he couldn't feel his pinkie, he was able to feel his other fingers and make a partial fist. He can have clear liquids for lunch and a soft diet for dinner. He will be able to come home in 2 days. He also wants his siblings and two friends to "camp out" in his hospital room with him! Thank you for praying!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Yes! I am home from Khorat! But I will save a different post to share with you what I did up there. For now, I ask that you please pray right away for 7yr. old Lake Lovorn! He ran through a plate glass door thinking it was open. He is the son of missionary friends of ours up in Khorat. His parents names are John and Sandy. Lake cut an artery and a nerve under his arm and several muscles. They had to harvest a vein from his thigh to repair the artery. The nerve that goes to the hand was cut also. He lost a lot of blood. He has woken up from the surgery now, but he is very nauseous from the medication, still in ICU and not able to drink anything yet. Pleasepray for him & his family!