Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sir Micah

As of late, Brian has been making up stories for Asia, Mercy and Micah set in the olden days of castles, kings, queens, princess and knights. The main characters are Princess Asia, Princess Mercy and Sir Micah. All of the stories have been about brothers protecting their sisters and girls honoring their brothers and rejoicing in their femininity.

Well, apparently these stories are having an effect on Micah.

Tonight as I walked into the Stubenrauchs home, just coming back from Bible study, Micah(almost 3 yrs.) came running up to me with his semi-new wooden sword and shield. This is our conversation from then on:

Micah: "Look at these! Do you like them?"

Me: "Yes I do like them. They are so cool! Are you going to protect me?"

Micah (with a big grin): "Yes I will! ...(swinging sword around and slashing the air in front of him)...I'm going to protect you from the bad guy!"

He then readily gave me a hug and a kiss goodnight.

Tonight I am going to bed feeling very special :) I thank the Lord that He is continuing to raise up young men of strong character who desire to protect and honor the women in their lives. And I look forward to the day when/if the Lord blesses me with my own "Sir Micah".

Young knight (author unknown to me)

I wear the clothing of a Knight-at-Arms
And bring about me all my noble things.
My sword and shield, my silver coat of rings
To ready stand to keep my land from harms.
I ride my horse all in my battle gear
And fight to free the innocent from wrong.
I climb the castle tower, high and strong.
And open up the gate to rousing cheer.
I know that some will say I live a dream
That "Knights and what they stood for all are gone".
I follow not their words for they are wrong.
For Knights do live, and what they give does gleam.
One only needs to do the deeds of right
To live again the honor of a Knight.


  1. Megan, that is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!! It is such a blessing to hear about the Godly warrior-poets God is still raising up!

  2. Awww.. That is so sweet, Megan! I love it! (Mom)