Monday, October 4, 2010

Here and there, this and that...

Sorry Folks, for the last month I have been hit with a sickness that no writer wishes to be in the grips of. It is called "Writer'sBlock". Blech. I'm not sure how or why, considering that life has most certainly not been the least bit boring. Well, maybe a little bit. But we won't go there ;)

Anyway, I'm back now! So, without further adieu, here is what I call the "updated version of Megan's life at present".

I left Thailand on September 1st and I have been here in the "Land of the free, home of the brave" a.k.a The United States of America ;) for over a month already! I cannot even begin to express how wonderful it is to be reunited with my family right now. It feels so good to be serving in our home again. I feel very blessed by all the sweet greetings from my friends here and from people that I had never met before, but heard about me from my family =) It has also been wonderful to be going to The Chapel. I love hearing my father preach every week!

The Lord blessed me with a record-breaking recovery from jet-lag which was awesome. It was nice to not feel like the room was constantly spinning around me. I haven't really dealt with any culture shock either! Although the amount of different Pop Tart flavors at the store was quite fascinating.

My focus right now is spending time with my family and friends and seeking the Lord about the "next step". Honestly, I kind of feel like I'm at a stand-still of sorts. Not in a bad way, but in a peaceful way. God is so good!

All I ask is that you will join with me in prayer. I believe that if it is God's will for me to return to Thailand in February that He will provide the means to do so in His timing. And if I am not, then I know He will also give me clarity and peace that I am making the right decision.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! I look forward to posting more often. Get ready to hear about some craft stuff I'm working on!

Here are some recent pictures of Jeremiah and Matthew :

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