Monday, March 12, 2012

Abolitionist - Part 3

"But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands." ~ Isaiah 32:8

Abolitionist – Part 3


  1. Hi there, I've heard through your dad's writings on the GRN website that you are working in Thailand. I just wondered what ministries you are involved in there, or what church, and how that is going? I have very recently taken an interest in the work of a ministry based in Chiang Mai, called Lighthouse in Action, but am curious about other mission works going on there, as well. Am I right that you are based in the south, rather than north (like Chiang Mai)? I hope everything is going well for you! Be blessed! :) --Karla

  2. Hi Karla!

    Thanks for you comment! I was in Thailand for about 15 months, but I have been back home with my family for over a year now. Sorry about the confusion. We are currently updating our website so many things are a little out dated. Yes, I was located in the south of Thailand outside a city called Hat Yai. I was with a small team who had been there for about 10 years planting churches. Are you planning on heading over there any time soon?