Friday, November 15, 2013

The Random 23

  Perhaps you've seen, but writing random facts about yourself appeared to be the "thing" on Facebook this past week. I usually ignore such goings on, but even I got caught up in it too. It was kind of fun and it was really interesting to read about some things that I didn't know about my friends. My FB friends have already seen my list, but I thought I would share it on here as well...purely for the sake of actually trying to post on my blog :P  

Here we go: 

1. I want to go to Europe so bad. Mainly Italy.

2. I live in a subdivision, but I am a country girl. I like Dodge pickups, my camo gun, gardening and animals.

3. I have food allergies. I'm allergic to:
  • peanuts
  • dairy
  • pineapple (why???)
  • gluten
  • soy
  • almonds
  • any fruit with a pit
  • eggs
  • yeast

4. I have been to India, Thailand, and Malaysia (Holland and Japan too, if you count airports)

5. Baking is my hobby

6. Good photography makes me smile

7. If The Lord wills, I would like to be a wife and a mom someday. Given the opportunity, I would also like to adopt, which could include a child born with Down Syndrome.

8. If it's vintage, I'll probably like it

9. I already have a little Christmas tree up in my bedroom. Although that's more like a confession. Lol

10. I have a blog, but I don't keep up with it very well ;) 

11. I can be shy, but learning to overcome. It's easy for me to come out of my shell if you're outgoing and make me laugh :)

12. I like airports

13. I used to figure skate (wish I still remembered how)

14. I'm a history buff. Historical places are some of my favorite spots to go to.

15. I get embarrassed and generally turn red when people compliment me, but secretly it encourages me.

16. I want to visit all the countries where my ancestors are from (Poland, Ukraine, Germany & Holland).

17. I like to shop, but given the choice between that, and a walk in the woods, I will more than likely choose the latter.

18. I miss my old horse and sometimes still have dreams about the farm we used to live on.

19. I pretty much only watch old movies or new movies set in historical times. No swear words please! 

20. I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day

21. Sometimes I can be prideful :( 

22. I'm thankful that Christ completes what He starts

23. I find that writing random stuff is kind of fun, but what I really want people to know about me, is that Jesus has my heart and I really pray that it is He who you see in me.

Happy Friday Everyone! 

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