Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love for free


   This past week had to be one of the busiest weeks I have had in a very long time. It was also one of the most fun!  I was asked to help out at a five day kids camp which prepared  the kids for a program they put on Friday evening. The week didn't come without its challenges, but those challenges were so miniscule compared to the joy those kids brought to my heart. It still amazes me of how quickly you can give a part of your heart away, in a good way. My dad has always encouraged us to "give love for free". No strings attached, expecting nothing in return. I felt like I had that opportunity last week.

I find it very interesting that the kids who caused the most challenges ended up being my "favorite" kids. They're the ones I'll remember the most because I needed to spend most of my energy trying to steer them onto the path of obedience ;)  They just wanted someone's attention and didn't really know how to get it without causing some kind of ruckus. I found it to be the same situation with some of the kids I got to know in Thailand. I am continually amazed at how God ties in experiences I had there to help me here back home. Thankfulness is not a big enough word for what I feel!

   I don't know if my life really made any impact on the kids at camp at all, but if it did, I pray that their memory of me would be that of love, kindness and patience, and they would always attach those characteristics to Jesus. I pray He uses their memories of kids camp to remind them of Him and draw them closer and closer to Him as they grow older.
 In my young age, I am learning that giving love for free is worth it, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. If anything, it is teaching me to be more humble and unselfish....So maybe I received something after all... :)


  1. I will tell you that your life did make an impact on those kids! Thank you for loving them with me!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! We're headed off to help at a teen's camp next week and I'm a little nervous. But love is so important - a simple principle, but the best thing we can give!