Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Good Night Sleep and John in Sudan

Thank you for praying for Jeremiah! I think he is feeling a little bit better this morning. He slept through the night without coughing, which also means I got a full night's rest too! :)

( *Edit: Since writing the above, I have learned that Jeremiah in fact did NOT sleep through the night, but went upstairs to my parents room, not one, but three times. And one of those times slammed his bedroom door shut. I heard nothing. I guess I was tired. lol ....I also want to mention that baby Malachi is sick too)

   I realized this morning that I never did post anything about John leaving! He left on October 11th for South Sudan and will be returning home on November 9th. He's there to see what can be done to help an internally displaced people group return to their village which was raided by the LRA awhile back. I am so proud of him, especially since he went there by himself! But, ugh! A whole month without my brother has been quite boring at times ( no offense to mom and dad!!!). I miss him so much!

It's one of those times when you realize just how much you love someone. It also makes me realize how much we have been talking and spending time together lately.  I can honestly say that John is one of my best friends. I hope these next two weeks go by quickly!

If you think of him, please pray for him. Thank you!


  1. Awh, we (Cody and I) will be praying! Maybe I can come over soon and help alleviate some of your loneliness!