Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Starting over"

   I have been so inconsistent these last two years with posting on here, and I think it's because I got into the mind set of whatever I posted had to be eventful. Which is not why I started blogging years ago. It started out to be more of a daily journal for me to look back upon later; And I want to keep it that way.

So, I'm getting back to the basics, so to speak! I'm going to post about the seemingly little, daily things that happen. Some days it may be about our family and other days it may be about what the Lord has been doing in my heart lately. Today is about a couple of those "little" daily things that we can never have back :)

Like Malachi being 10 months old already and has learned to sit up by himself  and also has four teeth (Yes, nursing has become quite eventful for my mother nowadays). Oh, and he has had a hair cut since this picture was taken.

Here's Matthew eating blueberries until he almost looks like one himself :) He was quite proud of being so messy.

I praise God for this time I have with my family. I would have no one to blame but myself for taking our days together for granted :) Which in "saying" all this, I think my season of writer's block has been overcome! haha

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