Saturday, November 12, 2011

Health, birthday and homecoming

   These last couple of weeks have been so busy! I find it amazing how much more time little ones require when they are sick. All three boys were ill and poor Jeremiah and Malachi still have runny noses. But, at least they are back to eating and playing like normal. Thank you for praying for them!

Sunday, the 6th, was my twenty-second birthday. I had a wonderful day! So wonderful, we didn't take any pictures. I guess that comes with getting older :/  At first it didn't feel like my birthday without John here, but,  at the last second, I invited a few close friends over for homemade quesadillas and ice cream cake. YUM! We also watched 'Anne of Avonlea'. Or at least part of it. I had forgotten how long that movie is! I guess we'll just have to plan another day to watch the 2nd half together :)

So, now fast-forward to Wednesday, the 9th, and John is HOME!!!!! Only to get sick not even two days later. Poor guy has been in bed since yesterday late afternoon and literally all day today. I think I talked to him once and that was early this morning. We're not really sure what is wrong. It could be malaria or the flu. The symptoms are pretty much the same. Please keep him in your prayers!

Well, that's about it I think! We were supposed to leave for a short family vacation tomorrow, but, with John sick that probably won't happen, apart from a miracle of course and that is what we are believing for. Although, I promise it's not just so we can go on vacation! :)

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