Thursday, December 15, 2011

He is our Healer/ Malachi's 1st birthday

   I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have had a lot going on since John came home from Sudan. The biggest event was John getting sick with malaria the week he returned. It was pretty scary, but, praise God, after being in the hospital for five days and 25 pounds less, he was able to come home and has been recovering very well ever since :) He's pretty much back to normal now and is steadily gaining weight back. Thanks to all who were praying for him and our family as a whole during that time!

A few days after John came home from the hospital, Papa and Amma came down from New York for Thanksgiving. As usual, we had a wonderful visit and I look forward to their next visit on New Year's.

From left to right: Papa, Matthew, Jeremiah, Me, John, Malachi and Amma

Krystal's family joined us for Thanksgiving dinner too! We had a full house and it was so much fun.

"Siblings", maybe not by blood, but, definitely in our hearts.

Now the big news! Little Malachi Mutiso turned one on December 3rd. We celebrated his birthday early on Thanksgiving day while everyone was here. He wasn't quite sure what to think about the cake :)

Thanksgiving party
Actual birthday
Malachi is so lovable, kissable, and such a huge blessing in this family. I know God must have big plans for his life! 

Okay, fast forward to today....There's only one week and three days 'til Christmas! Time flies by way too fast sometimes. I still haven't bought most of my gifts yet. Am I panicking? No, not really. Just feeling a bit rushed and I HATE anything about Christmas being rushed. So, that being said, I just may hit the internet to look for those last minute gifts! 

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