Friday, December 16, 2011

The Mountain Top

Step...step...little step....step.... step....step...BIG step....Hang on!....step...step....don't look down, look up! ...step....deep breaths...step...step....step...stop. You made it. A cry of joy escapes your lips!
You're at the top of the mountain. You climbed this mountain for what seemed to be so long, but now you've made it and the view, oh wow the view... it is not disappointing. If fact, it's gorgeous and you don't ever want to leave this spot.  It's so peaceful up here. The journey was definitely worth it, even despite the unknown you experienced and all the undiscovered things you found. There were also things that you have seen before, but think differently of now. Some of which were good and some not so much. In fact, many of them made you feel squeamish. 

 Nothing stopped you though. It was like something was pulling you, drawing you to the top. What more could there be? Ahhhh yes, this is beauty at it's best. The view is perf- but, wait, what is that? Another mountain, even higher than this one?! And it's obstructing part of your view. How can this be? 
Suddenly there is a pulling at your heart again. It's drawing you to that next mountain top. Where you are right now is so wonderful; how could you leave? And the base of that next mountain looks even more undiscovered and unknown that the one you just left behind. Can you go through this again? Yes, not only can you, but you want to. Joy has suddenly filled your heart knowing there is more to be discovered. And so, you take your leave of this place. You will never forget it. It helped shape you into who you are today. But there's more......Deep don't look back........step.........step.........step................

When I began to write this post, I didn't know where or how to start. The story written above, is more of a parable. It's my poor attempt at trying to explain the journey the Lord has me on right now. I feel so in love with Him, but I also feel like He is calling me to a higher place with Him. And I'm somewhat nervous about a good way. So, I place my hand in His and allow Him to lead me. 

Lord, Thy will be done. 


  1. This really, really encouraged me! Thank you! I am so glad we can have friends on these journeys!