Friday, June 8, 2012

Did you know that the high priest in olden days was just an ordinary man except when he wore his priestly garments? I had thought of Aaron as walking about in some of them, at least, much as a clergyman wears his dog collar. But it wan't so. 
  Our Lord, the beauty of our Lord and His Righteousness - these are our priestly garments. Without that clothing we have no priestly rights, powers or virtues whatsoever. It is just another illustration of 'Without Me ye can do nothing', be nothing too. ~ Amy Carmichael  


  1. What a

    (btw, I'm holding your movies ransom until I get to see you again ;))

    1. Well you just go ahead and do that, Kidnapper! ....oh wait, I gave them to you didn't I? ; )