Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reviled, we bless

We are never likely to be under the curse that comes when all men speak well of us. In this case it is all so unexpected that we must keep low before our God and not wonder 'Why?' Faith never wonders why.   Just now the word I am saying over and over to myself is 'Being reviled, we bless'. That whole passage in 1 Corinthians 4 is speaking deep into me, for we are on the scrap-heap now, utterly and entirely, perhaps for the first time in our life. And I do think it is much easier to enjoy in prospect than in reality. 'Let my good name go hang, if only Christ be glorified.' Yes, that's it.    Aren't you glad that we need never stop loving? We may be disappointed, but love can go on....

(Excerpt from 'Candles in the dark'.)

*I realize that I have been sharing quite a bit from Amy Carmichael lately, either on this blog or on Facebook. I hope the things that the Lord has been using, along with His Word, to encourage me in this current season of my life (and my family's), are also encouraging to you.  

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  1. Yes, I actually picked up a book by her at the Habitat Resale store because I had seen that you like her so well. I was going to get a book or two for the girls, but because they were having a "fill a bag" sale, and it would cost the same to get more books, I looked at some of the others too, and when I found hers, I knew should get it and read it, due to you posts:)