Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Faith in His timing

   The other day, after mentioning that I believe God's call on my life is to someday be a wife and mother, someone stated/asked me, "Ohh, so you're on the hunt for a man, huh?!".  Haha! How do you answer that? I think I just chuckled and ended up saying something about believing that God's timing is best. And although I wish I had some more eloquent words to say at the time, I truly meant that statement.

After all these years, I'm still not very good at explaining to people my reasons for not casually entering into a relationship with a man (versus with a purpose) and currently being a stay at home daughter. I can imagine that I have probably been misunderstood on countless occasions. But, I think that could be possibly said about anyone who is following what they believe to be God's calling on their life at the time. That's why we do it for God and not man. I just pray that no matter what people got from their conversations with me, that my words came across humbly. 

I am not on the hunt for a man, EVEN THOUGH I desire an earthly husband very much. I look forward to the day when I can hold his hand and look into his eyes with love and faithfulness. I am no different that any other woman. I desire to one day hold a darling baby in my arms and have a home of my own with a kitchen big enough to bake in all day ;)  
Though these things are on my heart and mind every day, I can't necessarily let them rule my life. 

Yes, everything I do in and out of my home is more than likely preparation for my future home and family, and I will continue to live as such unless God speaks otherwise. Of which, He could, and I must stand prepared for that too. You see, Christ is the One that ultimately satisfies the deepest needs and desires of my heart. He is the One I lean upon for fulfillment, strength and security. He knows my heart even better than I do – because He created me.  He will never fail me.  He will never disappoint me.  And He will always be the most perfect Prince my feminine heart could ever desire.  But, He is not merely a stand-in until my husband-to-be comes along.   I know, beyond a shadow and a doubt, that my future husband will be a wonderful joy and fulfillment in my life. But, I also know my love story with him will never be able to compare to my love story with the King of all kings. Christ, simply put, is my true Prince, my ultimate Bridegroom, and my all in all. 

 I sincerely and humbly believe these years of singleness are a gift to be treasured. Leslie Ludy describes it well in one of her online devotionals: 

Singleness is an incredible opportunity to be fully consecrated in body and spirit to Jesus Christ alone – to be undistracted by any other romance and free to be consumed with Him alone. (see 1 Cor. 7:34)  This is not only an amazing opportunity for our single years, but it is the absolute best way we could ever prepare for marriage.  When Jesus Christ is our all in all, we will never place unhealthy pressure upon our spouse to meet the needs only He can fill.  And if our husband is ever taken from us, we will not lose our confidence, hope or security – because it’s in Jesus Christ. 
I am on a journey. I long to surrender my time as a twenty-two year old single woman to my Lord. I long for all my hopes, dreams and plans to belong to Him because He is worthy of them. I must be willing to give it all up. He gave everything up for me, how could I not be willing to do likewise for Him? It's not easy, but it is a joy and a privilege. I want you to realize though, that I am not expecting God to take away these desires. I just know that if the are not in His will for my life, and all these years of preparation are for something else only known to Him, that He has my heart and I believe He will give me the grace to give them up and step out to do what He has planned for me :) 


In Him,

P.S. As an answer to those who have asked a certain question of me many times -  I promise, I really do meet, hang out with (in a group setting), and have friends that are guys! I just try my best to not look at every young man as a potential husband. The Lord will reveal him, once again, in His perfect timing :) 


  1. Eloquently and very personally written, Megan! I am so proud of you and the process you are allowing God to do in your heart. You are making the most of this season - not seeing it just as preparation for the next, or wishing it was different - and God is rewarding you for it. You are a great inspiration to others!

    Speaking as one who is married I know that the time as a single is also very blessed and something you never get back. At the same time I will definitely rejoice with you the day God opens your eyes to "the one" ;)

  2. I love your heart Megan! God will bless and strengthen you as you walk in obedience!
    Carrie Knofsky